Catamount women streak into Storrs


University of Vermont women’s basketball coach Sharon Dawley talked today about her team’s upcoming game with UConn, a juggernaut riding a 45-game winning streak. Here’s audio from the interview.

Dawley said this year’s UConn powerhouse is every bit as good — if not better — than last year’s that defeated Vermont 104-65 in the opening round of the NCAA tournament en route to a national title. The Huskies (5-0) have whipped their competition this season by an average margin of 43.8 points.

However, Dawley said her veteran-stacked squad, led by Courtnay Pilypaitis and May Kotsopoulos, will be fearless in its approach to the contest, set for Thursday night at 7:30.

Vermont (4-0) has 22 votes in the USA Today/ESPN Top-25 coaches poll, which makes the Catamounts the 28th ranked team in the nation.

Could a respectable showing against UConn be enough to move the Cats into the top 25?


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