Hockey at its finest


NHL, Division I college or Division III … it really doesn’t get much better than the show Plattsburgh State and Norwich University put on Saturday evening in the championship game of the Primelink Great Northern Shootout.

Sure, anyone can debate that Division III college hockey players can’t really be considered the equal of Division I players in terms of pure skill and talent, but that’s not the point.

The point of any athletic endeavor should be evenly matched teams or individuals playing to the best of their abilities in competitive circumstances while providing compelling entertainment.

 That’s what happened at Kreitzberg Arena on Saturday. A 1-1 game through five minutes of sudden death overtime and an enthralling, crowd-pleasing, extended shootout to determine a champion. Great team play, great individual play, great environment, great time.

This was fun to watch; it had to be fun to play (coaching might be an entirely different perspective).

The Cadets and the Cardinals will meet again, Jan. 5 on the same rink. That ought to be quite a game, too, one any real hockey fan at any level should enjoy.

Reserve your seat now.


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