Replay immediately put to work


Hockey East fans will have another new feature before long. Since the end of last season, the ten Hockey East athletic directors voted to install video replay equipment at all ten arenas. Some are up and running and the rest will be before the end of October. Each rink will be equipped with overhead cameras above the goals and a center ice camera to give officials multiple angles on all goals. Only the referee can initiate a replay and he will be governed by NCAA rules as to what he can review. A monitor at ice level will allow him to see the different camera angles as well as the time on the clock. There are also audio capabilities to assist in those situations where hearing a whistle could affect the outcome of a play. This should be a great tool for all officials in their quest to “get it right.”

That’s one of the things Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna had to say in his commissioner’s note last week in last week’s league update (see the full release), and the new replay equipment was certainly was put to work in Vermont’s 4-1 win over Boston College at Gutterson Fieldhouse on Sunday.

First, Colin Vock’s goal that gave Vermont a 2-1 lead was confirmed by an officials’ review.

Then, just seconds later, the referees tried to review a BC shot that officials on the ice ruled went through the side of the net and into the goal. The replay equipment didn’t work on that one, leaving the officials’ initial decision to stand, but the overhead camera did provide an excellent view of the play. It can be seen about a minute into the game highlights HERE.


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