Binghamton coach, AD on thin ice


There’s been a loud buzz about Binghamton University basketball player Tiki Mayben. Make that former player. Arrested and facing felony drug charges, the senior guard was booted from the team.

Outraged with the repeated off-court issues surrounding the basketball program, Binghamton president Lois B. DeFleur offered a stern warning to head coach Kevin Broadus and athletic director Joel Thirer on Thursday.

“I am reiterating to our athletic director Joel Thirer and coach Kevin Broadus that we will not tolerate this behavior in our student-athletes,” she said in a statement to the press. “This behavior does not reflect the quality of our program and the hundreds of student athletes at Binghamton University.

“We appreciate that Coach Broadus has given second chances to athletes, but our program can not take these risks and I have made this clear to both Thirer and Broadus.”

Here’s the coverage in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. The Albany Times Union chronicles the demise of a Troy, N.Y., kid who went from top prospect to drug suspect.



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